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Functional Programming in Anger by David Nolen

Pexels Photo 987585

What is the benefit of Functional Programming?

There are still problems that appear to crop up which are surprisingly similar to those found in traditional approaches. However, in this talk by David Nolen at Lambda World Cadiz he covered all the amazing benefits of FP but without ignoring the past.


Functional Programming in Anger

While functional programming may be a simpler and more expressive way to build applications, even functional software endeavours over time are dominated by problems surprisingly similar to those found in traditional approaches. 
Besides leading ClojureScript compiler development, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with a diverse set of clients on ambitious projects and experience their ClojureScript pain points first hand. 
In this talk, we’ll cover the benefits provided by functional programming without ignoring the many past glaring holes in our technology that have been slowly filled over time by observing users trying to ship real products.

This talk was given by David Nolen at Lambda World Cadiz 2018.