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From Scala to ByteCode by Alon Muchnick at Scale by the Bay

Pexels Photo 238118

ByteCode is a computer object code which is processed by a program. In this talk by Software Developer Alon Muchnick, at Scale by the Bay, you will discover how Scala can do awesome magic by examining the bytecode and classes which are being generated. 

It is always helpful to fully understand what's going on underneath your code!

From Scala to ByteCode — a view of how Scala is implemented on top the JVM
Scala runs on top the JVM and offers us cool and useful features such as Traits, Objects, Lazy definitions, higher-order functions, currying and more, but how are they really implemented under the hood? 
Understanding what's going on underneath the covers of your code can be very beneficial and can lead to insights that may affect the way you write and debug your code. In this session, we will take a deep look into the JVM to show how Scala does its magic by examining the bytecode and classes that are being generated.
This talk was given by Alon Muchnick at Scale by the Bay 2018.