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Building an Immune System in Scala by Anatoly Rabinovich

Pexels Photo 154141

In programming when creating new features the use of reliable tests is so important.

Outbrain take pride in their ability to do this and they have created their own Immune system using Scala which is incredible! Want to know how they did this? Check out Software Engineer, Anatoly Rabinovich's talk from Scalapeño.


Building an Immune System in Scala
At Outbrain, we take special pride in our ability to deliver new features to production and doing so with the confidence that only reliable tests can give you. 
In order to do it at scale we have built a set of tools, practices, guidelines and culture - we call it our Immune system. In this talk, I will describe how we leveraged Scala to build the immune system.

This talk was given by Anatoly Rabinovich at Scalapeño 2018.