Videos from Scala in the City at Depop #11


Thank you again to everyone who came along to Scala in the City at Depop last week. It was amazing to see so many of you who took the time out to come along and support our team with the start of the 2019 journey for Scala in the City.

Our speakers, Tamer Abdulradi and John Cragg, filled our evening with knowledge and we are so glad to share with you the videos from both the talks.

If you couldn't come along then catch up here and don't worry as there will be many more opportunities to make the most of Scala in the City. Sign up to our Meetup page so that you will be notified as soon as we announce a new event!

An overview of Scala in the City at Depop

John Cragg - Testing Machine Learning Systems in Staging

Testing the qualitative performance of a ML model is a difficult task, usually only done by measuring fluctuations of key business metrics in production. In this session, John will discuss his teams attempts to produce a deterministic test of algorithmic performance in Depop's staging environment for their product recommendation system.

Tamer Abdulradi - A Basic Introduction to Recursion Schemes

Recursion is hard! But luckily you can 'get it right' once and reuse it in other projects.
Recursion schemes is a code pattern that allows you to automate the process of traversing and recursing through nested data structures by separating recursion out of the rest of the logic. They allow you to use off-the-shelf libraries to do the recursion for you, so you can write less code and potentially fewer bugs!
In this talk, Tamer will share with you an example, a JSON data-structure, and provide a walk-through of a step-by-step transformation of the code to use a recursion schemes library. By attending you will understand the gist of Recursion Schemes and how to use it in your codebase. There are no prerequisites to attend the talk, Tamer will be explaining any advanced concepts as you go.

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