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Signify Sunday Reads January 20 Week #3

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It's Sunday and we have all your Scala, Functional Programming and Haskell content ready and waiting for you. This week we have a bit of everything, from how Lightbend managed to get Apache Spark to work with Scala to exploring monads in Scala.

Enjoy reading!


We are really excited for the first Scala in the City of 2019 on Thursday 24th January at Depop so if you haven't signed up yet then make sure you do, click attending here

Hear about the cool projects going on at Depop fro Depop CTO, Massimo De Marco and then we delve into machine learning models with Depop Software Developer John Cragg on Testing Machines Learning Models in Staging. Finally, Tamer Abdulradi, Disney Streaming Services Senior Software Engineer will give us A Basic Introduction to Recursion Schemes.

We can't wait!


Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Stavros Kontopoulos, Software Engineer. The post is called How Lightbend Got Apache Spark To Work With Scala 2.12.


Our second read is from Madhukara Phatak, Big Data Consultant. This post is called Scala Developer Journey into Rust - Part 1: Introduction.


Our third read is from Sidharth Shanker, Software Engineer. The post is called Type Erasure in Scala.


Our fourth read is from Robert DeCaire, Software Developer. This post is called A Guide to Scala Collections: Exploring Monads in Scala Collections.


Our fifth post is from DevInsideYou. This video is called Homegrown #Scala Collections - Part 21 - Trampolines for Everything.


Our final read is from Deni Bertovic, Software Engineer. This post is called Haskell Showroom: How to switch between multiple kubernetes clusters and namespaces.



If you didn't get a chance to read last weeks edition catch up here. 


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