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Signify Sunday Reads January 13 Week #2

Pexels Photo 768125

Happy Sunday!

We've got lots more interesting Scala, Functional Programming and Haskell reads for you to delve into this week, find out all about Functional Programming in the purest sense to API's and model class. Check out the reads below.


Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Adam Conrad, Principal UX Engineer and Runar Bjarnason, Cofounder of Unison Computing. The post is called The Design of Functional Programs.


Our second read is from Ferhat Aydın, Software Engineer. This post is called How to use and serialize NonEmptyList in a model class.


Our third read is from Marcin Rzeźnicki, Senior Software Developer. The post is called Tagless with Discipline — Testing Scala Code The Right Way.


Our fourth read is from John De Goes, Founder, functional programmer and OSS contributor. This post is called High-Performance Functional Programming Through Effect Rotation.


Our fifth read is from Mateusz Kubuszok, Software Developer. This post is called Algebras we love


Our final read is from Adam Warski, Cofounder of Software Mill. The GitHub post is called tapir, or Typed API descRiptions.



If you didn't get a chance to read last weeks edition catch up here. 


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