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Serverless Scala js iOS,Android,Web Apps from One Code Base by Irfan Ahmad

Pexels Photo 276223

Have you ever developed UI apps for web, iOS and Android? 

In this talk by Irfan Ahmad at Scala Days New York, Irfan helps us to combine the advantages of Scala.js and React-native to generate different apps from the one single code base!


Serverless Scala js iOS,Android,Web Apps from One Code Base 

Scala.js is on its path to hit 1.0.0 and React-native is maturing well. Combining the advantages of both yields the promise of end-to-end FP to generate 3 different apps from a single code base. We also add to the mix GraphQL in a server-less configuration. So, does it work? In this talk, I will share our experience developing UI apps for web, iOS and Android with no web server in sight. I will also do plenty of live coding to demonstrate the ease of use and if we're lucky, we'll open source the sample app we develop.


About Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad is a full-stack founder of two Silicon Valley startups. He loves new code smell and was developing with Scala before it was cool. Previously, Irfan was at VMware hacking on hypervisors and at Transmeta working on the Crusoe microprocessor. Irfan has published at ACM, USENIX and IEEE and chaired HotStorage, HotCloud and HotEdge. Irfan serves on steering committees for USENIX HotStorage and HotCloud. Irfan earned his pink from the University of Waterloo.
This talk was given by Irfan Ahmad at Scala Days 2018.