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Scala with Uber Data Science by Nick Jones

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Did you know that Uber use Scala?

Scala is a highly used backend programming language due to its many benefits. For example, Uber use Scala to optimize spark jobs for machine learning pipelines as well as to provide on-the-fly statistical inference. Want to know more about this? Just check out this talk from Uber, Data Scientist Nick Jones at Scala Italy.


Scala with Uber Data Science

At Uber Data Science we use Scala to help us handle experimentation, machine learning, and data analysis at a tremendous scale.

For example, just figuring out which users were exposed to what treatment experience at what time requires processing >50 billion events per day from four mobile apps and dozens of backend services.

This talk will outline how Uber uses Scala to optimize spark jobs for machine learning pipelines, select and transform machine learning features through a Scala-based DSL, and train models.

We will also discuss how Uber uses Scala to provide on-the-fly statistical inference in an A/B testing context, as well as how Uber uses Livy and sparkmagic to process and analyze tremendous amounts of data using Scala in Jupyter notebooks.


About Nick Jones

Nick Jones is a data scientist on the cash product team at Uber in the Amsterdam office.

Prior to moving to Amsterdam, he worked at Uber HQ in San Francisco doing Uber integrations with products like Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

He has also worked at a Silicon Valley firm that provided expert witness testimony in litigation cases involving machine learning and statistics.


This talk was given by Nick Jones at Scala Italy 2018.