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Akka and Kubernetes: Reactive From Code To Cloud by Fabio Tiriticco

Pexels Photo 531767

Are you ready to explore Akka and Kubernetes?

Find out how you can get a combined win using Akka and Kubernetes together. In this Lightbend webinar, Software Engineer Fabio Tiriticco will tell you exactly how you can get that win using them to make your systems fully Reactive to any demand.


Akka and Kubernetes: Reactive From Code To Cloud
Akka–the asynchronous, actor-based toolkit for the JVM–is a popular and mature choice for building scalable and resilient Reactive systems in Java or Scala. Kubernetes has rapidly emerged as the de facto standard in the world of container orchestration, with all major cloud providers offering a managed Kubernetes platform. Best of all, it also promises transparent scalability and resilience. 
So how do these two technologies compare from a Reactive standpoint? Does one supersede the other? In fact, their powers can be combined to design distributed systems all the way from application code to cloud instance. 
In this webinar with special guest Fabio Tiriticco, we will explore how to use Akka and Kubernetes together for a combined win. Fabio will review specifically:
  • How Akka and Kubernetes work together to provide elasticity and resilience at both the code and infrastructure level 
  • On which level of abstraction they offer different benefits individually 
  • How to start using them together to make your systems fully Reactive to any demand
This webinar was with Fabio Tiriticco on Lightbend.