Writing a Screencast Video Editor in Haskell by Oskar Wickström


Producing screencasts for Haskell Software Engineer, Oskar Wickström knew he needed better tools so started building Komposition, the video editor for screencasters which lets you focus on producing and publishing quality content. In this talk at Lambda World Oskar tells us more on starting this project and his experiences building Komposition using Haskell. 


Writing a Screencast Video Editor in Haskell
In dire need of better tools when producing screencasts for Haskell at Work, I started building Komposition, the video editor for screencasters. This desktop application automatically detects scenes in screen capture video, detects sentences in audio parts, and features and a high-productivity editing workflow keyboard-driven navigation. 
I’ll talk about why I started this project, and share my experiences building Komposition using Haskell. I’ll describe its architecture, what packages and techniques I’ve used, and outline the plans for its future.
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