Videos from Scala in the City at Monzo #10


With such an awesome host of the inventive tech company Monzo and an incredible variety of talks from fighting crime with Scala to Kafka Streaming, we were so excited to get the meetup started on Thursday and celebrate the final Scala in the City of 2018.

Didn't manage to make it? Don't worry as we now have the anticipated videos for you to catch up on. 

We want to say another massive thank you for all your support with all the Scala in the City meetups, we can't believe this was our 10th meetup and we are looking forward to being back with a bang in 2019. 

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Check out and each talk and see you at Scala in the City in 2019!


An overview of Scala in the City at Monzo

Paul Roberts - Building efficient and composable parsers with FastParse
Parsers are a fundamental part of all kinds of software, and Paul will guide us through creating them the Scala-way with FastParse's parser combinators. We'll look at how FastParse provides a nice API without sacrificing performance, and he will illustrate the method for building a parser and benchmarking its performance in a live demo.

Ben Simpson & Moreno Bonaventura - Fighting CryptoCurrency Crime with Scala

An overview of Scala methodologies we use to detect and prevent criminal activities within the BlockChain.

Lindsey Dew & Omnia Ibrahim - Introduction to Kafka Streaming

The last few years we've witnessed the rise of data-driven projects, with Apache Kafka leading the charge for streaming big volumes of data. In this session Omnia and Lindsey will introduce you to Kafka Streams. They will be sharing with you Scala code examples, demonstrations of use-cases they have at Deliveroo, the problems they faced, how they solved them, and the lessons they've learned.
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