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Sunday Reads December 9 #Week 2

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We're onto the second Sunday Reads of December and we've got more exciting features for you. This week we have again searched for all the best Scala, Haskell and Functional Programming posts to make your Sunday that little bit better. 

Check out our reads from Jon Pretty, Chris Birchall and more!


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Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Jon Pretty, Scala programmer, Scala Center Advisory Board chair and organiser of Scala World. The post is called Further enhance `new` syntax to reduce boilerplate


Our second read is from Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called Are you sure your AnyVals don’t instantiate?.


Our third read is from David Luposchainsky. The post is called My favorite Haskell function. 


Our fourth read is from Adam Gajek, Scala Software Engineer. This post is called OOP vs. FP. The pursuit of extensibility part #1


Our fifth read is from Chris Birchall, Software Engineer. This post is called scala-typed-holes


Our final read is from Daniel Flook. The post is called Reusing CI config with CircleCI Orbs


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