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It's the last Signify Sunday Reads of 2018!

Pexels Photo 285173

It's the last Sunday of 2018 and we can't believe it's been another year of our weekly Sunday Reads. Heading into 2019 there will be a lot more awesome content to come so stay posted.

Let's end 2018 on a high and read with us our current favourite Scala, Functional Programming and Haskell reads. 


What's been your favourite programming article of 2018? Share it in the comments below and spread your knowledge. 


Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Stanislav Kozlovski, Software Engineer. The post is called A Thorough Introduction to Distributed Systems.


Our second read is from Mateusz Kubuszok, Software Developer. This post is called ADT through the looking glass - lenses, prims and other optics.


Our third post is a CoRecursive Podcast from Adam Gordon Bell, Senior Scala Enginee. The podcast is called Software as a Reflection of Values With Bryan Cantrill.


Our fourth read is from Holden Karau, Big Data Developer. This post is called Creating Multi-language Pipelines with Apache Spark or Avoid Having to Rewrite spaCy into Java.


Our fifth read is from Oleg Pyzhcov, Scala FP enthusiast. This post is called Scala excercises: cats-effect.


Our final read is from Nicolas A Perez, Software Engineer. The post is called Scala Type Classes - The Name Printer.



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