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Signify Sunday Reads December 23 #Week 4

Pexels Photo 436692

It's only a few days until Christmas and we hope you're enjoying the festive season! 

It might be the holidays but we are here with your weekly Sunday Reads to fill your time with interesting Scala, Functional Programming and Haskell knowledge. So get stuck in and take a relaxing break from the festivities. 


Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Wiem Zine El Abidine, Big Data Engineer. The post is called How to Start Learning Scala


Our second read is from Mateusz Kubuszok, Software Developer. This post is called Different ways to understand a monad


Our third read is from Vladimir Pavkin, Scala Developer. The post is called Aecor — Purely functional event sourcing in Scala. Part 1.


Our fourth post is from Lionel Parreaux, PhD student at EPFL. This podcast is called Scala Pattern Matching Warts and Improvements


Our fifth read is from Donnacha Oisin Kidney. This post is called Pure & Lazy Breadth-First Traversals of Graphs in Haskell.  


Our final read is from Andrew McMiddlin. The post is called Introduction to state machine testing: part 1.


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