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How Twitter teaches Scala by Ivan Corneillet

Pexels Photo 301926

With Scale by the Bay being held at Twitter HQ it is an amazing opportunity to get a look inside the Twitter technologies and lucky for us Engineering Instructor Ivan Corneillet gave an engaging talk on How Twitter teaches Scala. Twitter is one of the largest organizations using Scala however with new engineers ongoingly joining the team there is always more to be learnt on the programming language. In his talk, Ivan discusses the role that Scala plays in their continuing engineering education.

How Twitter teaches Scala

Circa 2009, Twitter’s scalability issues with its Ruby on Rails platform prompted a migration to a Scala-based stack. Today, Twitter is one of the largest organizations using Scala as its main programming language to power its platform. In fact, more and more organizations are steadily adopting Scala in their business-critical applications, making Scala engineers in high demand. However, this demand hasn’t yet translated in a large pool of Scala engineers that Twitter or other companies can readily hire. Because many software engineers joining Twitter are unfamiliar with Scala, this talk will focus on how the company redesigned and updates its onboarding process so as to best ramp up its new engineering hires with regards to. Scala. We will also discuss the role that Scala plays in our continuing engineering education.