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A tour of Akka Typed by Christopher Batey

Pexels Photo 278888

While you're waiting for Scala in the City to kickstart again in 2019 keep your Scala mind at ease and catch up on all the talks from this year!

Take a look at Senior Software Engineer, Christopher Batey's talk on A Tour of Akka Typed. Christopher goes through the new Akka Typed API prototype covering Typed messaging patterns, Typed Clustering andTyped Persistence.


A tour of Akka Typed
In this talk Chris will go over the new Akka Typed API. The prototype has been around for a while but over the last few months it has been hardened and is close to being marked production ready. We’ll cover: Typed messaging patterns, Typed Clustering, Typed Persistence. Where as it will soon be marked as production ready it will remain API may change for a while so feedback (and PRs :P) on the API is very welcome!
About Christopher Batey
Christopher is a Senior Engineer at Lightbend. He works primarily in Scala but also spent 10 years writing Java and a couple of years writing Go. Currently he works on the core Akka team responsible for developing core Akka, Akka Http and Akka Streams. He has previously built trading systems, online television platforms and worked extensively with Apache Cassandra. You can check out his blog at: