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A Fistful of Functors by Itamar Ravid

Pexels Photo 92905

Functors are common use in programming and they are very handy when it comes to code reuse. In this talk from Software Consultant Itamar Ravid at Scala eXchange, he helps us discover the different functors and how they can assist us with tasks like serialisation, stream processing, and more.

Take a look at the slides from Itamar's talk and you can check out the video here


A Fistful of Functors 

Functors show up everywhere in our day-to-day programming. They're so common, we take them for granted – especially in typed functional programming. Besides being common, they're incredibly useful for code reuse. However, functors have some lesser known variants: profunctors, bifunctors, contravariant functors, and so on. Guess what? They're amazingly useful, especially combined with other abstractions in the functional programming toolkit! In this talk, you'll discover the many species of functors and see how they can help you with tasks such as serialisation, stream processing, and more.