Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Scala 3 by Jon Pretty


Photo by Giuseppe Mondì on Unsplash

This year at Scala Italy there were many great talks to be seen including this interesting one from Jon Pretty on Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Scala 3. Have you checked it out yet? If you haven't used Scala 3 yet or even if you have this a great learn

Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Scala 3

Scala 3 introduces a wealth of new features to the language: union and intersection types, trait parameters, implicit function types, auto-specialization, multiversal equality, and many more!

But what do these features mean for users? What can we do with these features? How will they make the code we write more elegant, more expressive and more typesafe?

This talk will take a grand tour of some of the new features in Scala 3, and will explore some of the cool new code we will be able to write that wasn’t possible with Scala 2.