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Scala Sunday Reads: November 25 #Week 4

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Ready for your final instalment of this months Sunday reads?

This week we have hunted through the internet to find the most appealing Scala, Haskell and Functional Programming reads we can for you. Take a few minutes out of your hectic week and settle down with our Sunday Reads!


It's your final chance to sign up to Scala in the City. We are elated for the cutting-edge tech company Monzo to be hosting, a bank built for the way we live today is brilliant and innovative so we can't wait to see thier workspace and get a bit more of an insight into their platform. 

With three amazing speakers lined up, we can promise you'll only regret not coming along. Want to know what's to come before hitting that 'attending' button? You got it!

Ben Simpson, Senior Software Engineer at Elliptic - Fighting CryptoCurrency Crime with Scala

Paul Roberts, Scala Developer at The Guardian - Building efficient and composable parsers with FastParse

Lindsey Dew and Omnia Ibrahim, Data Engineers at Deliveroo -  Introduction to Kafka Streaming

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Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Johan Andrén, Software Developer at Lightbend. The post is called Next generation message driven systems with Akka. 


Our second read is from Jon Pretty, Scala Center Advisory Board chair. This post slides from his talk called Fury, Disrupting Scala's Ecosystem.


Our third read is from Brian Clapper, Principal Instructor and Application Engineer. The post is slides and notebooks from his talk Introduction to Apache Spark using Frameless. 


Our fourth read is from Adam Bell on his CoRecursive Podcast. This interview is with Software Consultant Wade Waldron called Big Ball Of Mud – Architecture and Services. 


Our fifth read is from Martin Odersky, Creator of Scala. This post is called Explore Witnesses as an Alternative to Implicits


Our final read is from Cameron Joannidis, Machine Learning / Big Data / Functional Programming consultant. The post is his talk from Scala Up North called The Cost of Abstraction


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