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Scala for the Rest of Us by Paul Cleary

Pexels Photo 417054

We are so excited to be attending Scale by the Bay! As sponsors and attendees for the second year running we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing speakers as well as the familiar faces from the community and hopefully some new ones. To get you all ready for the great upcoming talks check out this one from Paul Cleary at last years Scale by the Bay on 'Scala for the Rest of Us'.



Scala for the Rest of Us

Scala can be a difficult language to get into, especially for people coming from a OO Java background. Thinking functionally doesn't come naturally to people who haven't worked in it, and a lot of the concepts and patterns are foreign and often heavily abstract. Just getting started can seem like an overwhelming effort. This talk discusses the barrier to entry in moving from OO Java to Scala and what we can do to lower that barrier. I will review the Scala Pet Store and its motivation as a means to help those new to Scala understand what a complete application looks like.