Hunting for Anglerfish in Datalakes by Dominic Egger


Back in September was the very first Functional Programming conference in a pub, LambdAle, which we thought was a brilliant idea so of course, we had to help out and sponsor! 

Chris Birchall did an unbelievable job at lining up a list of inspiring speakers and the videos are now ready to be viewed. So grab an ale and find out more on Hunting for Anglerfish in Datalakes from Big Data Software Engineer, Dominic Egger.


Hunting for Anglerfish in Datalakes

Shiny technologies in big-data quite often turn out to hide some nasty teeth whenever you dive deeper into your datalake. This is about taking on one such anglerfish, namely Avro’s generic representation, with the help of Recursion Schemes.


About Dominic Egger

I play video-, board- and pen&paper games, read a lot of SciFi, cook and code. The latter I get payed for by Scigility. We mostly do big data platforms, from platform engineering, to development as well as legal aspects, for companies that don’t know how to do so yet.