Event sourcing - what could go wrong? by Andrzej Ludwikowski


4Developers is the largest Technological Festival with over a dozen thematic paths in Warsaw and local editions in Poland! Have you ever been? Software Journeyman at SoftwareMill, Andrzej Ludwikowski gave a refreshing talk on Event Sourcing, focusing on possible problems in its implementation. Study his slides and find the answer to many questions that may have been left unanswered before. 


Event sourcing - what could go wrong?
Seriously? Another presentation about the Sourcing Event? Yes and no. Instead of glorifying this very noble concept, we will focus on possible problems in its implementation. What can explode (often with delayed ignition)? Where and how to store events? How to achieve the highest level of initiation and scalability? How to live with eventual consistency? And many other questions that we will try to face. I will try to avoid unambiguous answers - every solution is good as long as it "works".