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Boring Usecases for Exciting Types by Itamar Ravid

Vidar Nordli Mathisen 541832 Unsplash

Happy Friday! We have another throwback to last week at Lambda World, check out this great talk from Software Consultant Itamar Ravid on Boring Usecases for Exciting Types. 



Boring Usecases for Exciting Types

Functional programming, in Scala and in general, is very jargon-y. Words and co-Words such as indexed state transformers, codensity monads and divisible functors are impressive, but without making effort to place them in our day-to-day context, they remain an academic interest. That's a shame, though - these data types and type classes can really make our life easier!

In this talk, I will take 3 plain and business-y use cases and show how they can benefit from some lesser known constructs from functional programming. Boilerplate will be slain, elegance will ensue and hopefully - you will find them useful enough to incorporate in your day-to-day work!