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5 tips to build long-lasting Scala OSS by Kazuhiro Sera

Pexels Photo 68725

Are you interested in working on OSS? At Scale by the Bay, Scala enthusiast and Senior Software Engineer, Kazuhiro Sera, gave us some expert tips on how to overcome the difficulty of maintaining Scala open source. Kazuhiro, helps us with finding your lifework project, providing cross builds and having effective CI builds. 

'I got a chance to give a talk at Scale By The Bay 2018. It was my second time to give a talk at the conference. I really appreciate for organizing such an amazing conference.

My talk was about how to continuously work on Scala open source projects for years. From my seven year experience, I have to say that it’s not so easy to continue maintaining Scala open source for a long time. In this talk, I shared five things to know to overcome the difficulty.

The tips I shared in the talk are:

  • Find your lifework project
  • Be careful about adding Scala dependencies
  • Stick with binary compatibility
  • Provide cross builds
  • Have effective CI builds
If you’re interested in working on OSS or starting your own one, check the slide deck.'