Type Parameter Power-Up! Variance, Bounds, and Inference by Chris Phelps


Today we are missing being in New York at Scala Days so decided to look back at all the amazing talks and now we are looking forward to next year even more! If you didn't get the chance to be there then catch up on this talk by Principal Software Engineer Chris Phelps on Type Parameter Power-Up! Variance, Bounds, and Inference. 



Type Parameter Power-Up! Variance, Bounds, and Inference 

Adding type parameters to classes is a powerful way to reuse code in Scala. By leveraging variance, type bounds, and higher-kinded types we can add further control and power to this reuse. We will learn how to use variance and type bounds to refine a type, how these types are inferred, and how higher-kinded types and type bounds combine with implicit resolution to give rise to the typeclass pattern, which helps bridge the gap between Scala's object-oriented and functional programming sides. We will also see how these features are evolving in future versions of Scala and Dotty.
This talk was given by Chris Phelps at Scala Days New York 2018.