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The new Signify home

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We have settled into our new home!

The Signify team are finally in our new office and ready for the next stage. It's been a long-awaited move but today we all celebrated our new abode with a welcome breakfast and enjoyed the payoff of all the hard work.

This is Signify's fourth office and with the team and business growing it's exciting to see how we are improving and moving onto each stage throughout the last two years.

The team have put in a lot of hard work with late nights building furniture to busy days running about for our Office Manager but it has all paid off and we can now enjoy our efforts.

Check out how our journey from start to finish in our new trendy, Shoreditch home!

How it all began...

We started with a fresh slate so it was down to us to make our stamp and create a space perfect for us. With such a bright space we wanted to make the most of it and fill it with furniture to compliment this whilst also sticking to our brand theme. 

Once our desks were in, the space really started to come together and we got a little insight into our new office life.

Now we're up and running!


Here's to many more memories and achievements to be made!

We love our new office and we want to make sure you do too so let us help you find the perfect role for you, contact us here.