2018 10 25 Lambda World Cadiz 18

The Complexity Trap: Think Before You Leap - Daniel Westheide

2018 10 25 Lambda World Cadiz 18

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Lambda World is great for those in the Functional Programming community to attend workshops, talks and improve their skills and knowledge. If you didn't manage to make it out to Cádiz then don't worry as we will be posting all the slides from the talks throughout the week.

Check out this presentation from Senior Software Consultant Daniel Westheide.

The Complexity Trap: Think Before You Leap

Recently, many people in the functional programming community, and specifically in the Scala community, seem to follow the trend of solving their programming problems with more and more fancy abstractions and techniques. If in doubt, we throw a monad at the problem, and if that’s not good enough, we’ll make it free. Naturally, to top it off, we have to sprinkle the whole thing with some type-level programming, because this is common courtesy these days. 
LAMBDA WORLD 2018, Cádiz

In this talk I want to challenge some of the fundamental assumptions of how we think and work. With all our sophisticated engineering, are we actually solving the right problems? Are we rushing towards technologically exciting solutions too quickly? How much of the complexity in our software is inherent in the problem domain, and how much of it is of our own making? We may have honorable intentions, but do our solutions come at an acceptable price? Maybe it’s time to slow down, think about what the problems we have to solve actually are, and how to do so in the simplest way possible.