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Testing in the World of Functional Programming by Luka Jacobowitz

Pexels Photo 459793

We love watching the amazing talks from Software Consultant Luka Jacobowitz so of course, we wouldn't miss the opportunity to recap on his presentation from Lambda World. If you missed it then check out his slides from Luka's talk here.

Testing in the world of Functional Programming

Testing is one of the most fundamental aspects of being a software developer. There are several movements and communities based on different methodologies with regards to testing such as TDD, BDD or design by contract. However, in the FP community testing is often not a large topic and is often glossed over. While it’s true that testing in functional programming tends to be less important, there should still be more resources on how to create tests that add actual value.

This talks aims to provide exactly that, with good examples on how to leverage property based testing, refinement types and the most difficult part: figuring out how to test code that interacts with the outside world.