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Scala resources to keep you learning!

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No matter the career path you have taken it is always a positive to be constantly learning and improving your knowledge, this is something we are passionate about at Signify with regular team training sessions. 

There are so many great resources to use to help improve your scala skills from blogs and forums to courses available online and to attend locally. We have put together a list of different tools which can help you be on your way to learning more on Scala and whether you are already advanced in your role or you're in a junior position we think these will be useful to have on hand!


Functional Scala Training Course 

We couldn't write this blog without mentioning John De Goes! We are thrilled to be partnered with John to offer an amazing opportunity to take part in a 3-day extensive training course in Functional Scala. The course rigorously instructs Scala developers on the most complex, confusing aspects of Scala, and shows them how to use the features of the Scala programming language to write rock-solid, bulletproof business applications that are easy to test, easy to reason about, and easy to change safely in arbitrary directions required by the business.

You will discover how to program passionately and fearlessly, with confidence, and build and test scalable programs that are correct-by-construction.

Day 1: Functional Essentials

  • Function Composition.
  • Algebraic Data Types.
  • Higher-Kinded Types.
  • Type Classes.

Day 2: Functional Abstractions

  • Abstract Algebra.
  • Functor Hierarchy.
  • Folds & Traverses.
  • Optics.

Day 3: Functional Effects

  • Effects. 
  • Asynchronicity, Concurrency & Parallelism.
  • Resource-Safety.
  • Real World Programming.
  • Testing & Mocking. 
The course will take place in London at The Curtain, Shoreditch which is an amazing venue so don't miss out on this opportunity to be trained by John De Goes himself. Available remotely or locally (London) sign up here.


The Scala Programming Language

Maintained by Scalacenter and Lightbend, this is a great resource with so many tools available to make use of from CheatSheets covering the basics of Scala's syntax to FAQ's and Style Guides, an in-depth guide on how to write Scala code. You can also find the blog section of the website with regular updates on the Scala language to help you to stay in the know.

Check out all the handy documentation here and the Scala language blog here



Lightbend Learn

Lightbend has a 'Learn' section on their website which includes resources to help you on your journey into learning Scala. Starting with an 'Intro into Scala' podcast with Adriaan Moors about his 10 years in Scala and then you can move onto 'Getting to know Scala' which is a great reference card you can download and keep on hand whenever you need to refresh your knowledge. End your learning session with 'Digging deeper into Scala' which is a talk from Creator of Scala, Martin Odersky on Plain Functional Programming. Each stage allows you to really get a grip on the Scala basics and start implementing it with their Scala building platform

If you are new to Scala then the Lightbend learn is a must!



Scala Exercises

You might already know the basics of Scala but want now want to learn more about the different technologies based in the Scala Programming Language. Scala Exercises lets you do just that, with code samples along the way demonstrating concepts you can then complete and solve exercises to test your understanding of each technology to get to the point where you can share and contribute your exercises to help others in the Scala community learn. 

Find out more here. 



Scala conferences and meet-ups

We know how important and helpful it is to attend conferences and meet-ups on Scala as not only do you learn from each of the speakers but also meeting others and discussing your learnings lets you gain different viewpoints and helps you improve. There are so many to attend globally but keeping an eye on which ones are upcoming can be difficult therefore we have a handy calendar which is updated regularly so you can always see the next date to book out in your diary, check out our Signify Scala Events Page.



Scala Times

This free, weekly Scala e-newsletter is an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest announcements, articles and events in the Scala community. Articles from those active in the community such as Viktor LövgrenMirco Dotta and Martin Odersky you can read all the current Scala news in one easy newsletter straight to your inbox. 

Have a read of the past issues and sign up.



This week in Scala

Compiled by Disney Streaming Services this is another useful e-newsletter to get all the latest on Scala and Reactive programming news and articles.

Check it out here.



Sunday Reads

Our Signify Sunday Reads is a weekly e-newsletter where we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell and Functional Programming learns from the community. You can be sure to see the latest talks from conferences, releases of the Scala language and great blog reads!

Sign up below.





We hope these help you and if you come across any great resources then comment with them below.