Profunctor Optics: The Categorical Approach by Bartosz Milewski


Image credit Lambda World

It's now October so we can really start looking forward to Lambda World at the end of this month! We loved attending last year so wanted to have a recap on some of the amazing talks from 2017, check out this one from Bartosz Milewski on 'Profunctor Optics: The Categorical Approach'. Enjoy watching!

Profunctor Optics: The Categorical Approach by Bartosz Milewski at Lambda World 2017

Haskell lens library offers fine-grain declarative access to immutable (persistent) data structures. Its main attraction is that it's compositional: you can focus on substructures of larger structures simply by composing polymorphic higher-order functions. Its most general formulation is known as profunctor optics. I'll talk about the categorical foundation of profunctor optics.

This talk was given by Bartosz Milewski at Lambda World 2017.