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Massaging case classes with shapeless by Chris Birchall at Scala in the City

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Did you come along to our Scala in the City at Concentra? We had three amazing speakers Viktor Lövgren, Chris Birchall and Jamie Pullar! If you weren't there or just want to have a recap then check out Chris's talk on Massaging case classes with shapeless. Chris has given many amazing talks so we are proud to have been the organiser of this one.

Massaging case classes with shapeless

Shapeless is a powerful tool for reducing boilerplate in your Scala code, but it can be intimidating at first. Chris will give a gentle introduction to some of shapeless's most fundamental tools for generic programming, including HList, Generic and LabelledGeneric, and show how you can use them to concisely convert your data from one case class representation to another. He will also give a taste of some more advanced techniques for "massaging" data, which can be necessary when the input and output representations don't match exactly.