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Next generation actors with Akka by Johan Andrén

Jeff Ackley 761046 Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Ackley on Unsplash

We are still wishing we were back in Florence at Scala Italy! It was a great conference and there was so much to learn from so if you missed out don't worry as we can help you catch up, check out this talk by Software Developer at LightbendJohan Andrén on Next generation actors with Akka. Happy learning! 

Next generation actors with Akka

Akka Typed is the next generation of the actor model APIs in Akka, providing what many have asked for: using the type system to guarantee actors are only sent messages they can handle.

After several iterations of trying to formulate an API for typed Actors that makes sense we have finally found the right level of abstraction to build upon.

In this talk we will take a closer look at the new Akka Typed APIs and how they allow you to achieve type safe asynchronous message driven systems, scaling up across many cores and out across many machines.

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