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Making Scala Faster: 3 Expert Tips For Busy Development Teams by Mirco Dotta

Pexels Photo 315938

Happy Saturday! Todays learn comes from Oliver J. White, check out this webinar with special guest Mirco Dotta co-founder of Triplequote LLC where they take a deeper look into what affects Scala compilation speed and how to make your Scala applications compile faster.

'With Scala, JVM developers get a host of benefits over other programming languages—from code conciseness (fewer LOC) and native scalability to support for functional programming paradigms and type safety, Scala is the language of choice for modern enterprises like Amazon, HPE, PayPal, and Walmart.

Yet Scala also brings something that developers have a hard time accepting: long compile times. We have the most powerful computers ever made at our fingertips, yet we often spend up to an hour or more each day waiting for compilation to finish. It’s not uncommon for a project to experience compilation times of 5-10 minutes or more, and a change to even a single line of code can increase compilation times 10X.

In this special guest webinar with Mirco Dotta, co-founder of Triplequote LLC (the creators of Hydra), we take a deeper look into what affects Scala compilation speed, why a combination of language features, external libraries, and type annotations make compilation times generally unpredictable, and what you can do to speed it up by orders of magnitude. We’ll go through:

  • Understanding some of the most common bottlenecks in Scala builds.
  • Effective use of type class auto-derivation for cutting compilation times.
  • What are some average compilation speeds, and how to know if you have a productivity blocker.
  • BONUS: a 6-7min demo of the Hydra Compiler and Dashboard (after the Q/A) '