Integration testing of REST services using Akka Http by Noam Almog


Image credit Scalapeño

There was so many great talks to be heard at Scalapeño this year, including this one from Noam Almog. Noam is a Software Architect and in this talk helped us learn on Integration testing of REST services using Akka Http, we hope you find this useful and enjoy your Saturday!


Testing REST services is hard, setting up environment, executing multiple remote calls, matching results on various encodings and formats and handling tests flakiness while trying to retain an easy to maintain and understandable code base. In this talk I will present how we designed our framework using akka http to handle many of those aspects. Through the design you will gain a glimpse of how we test and maintain over 200 microservices in production.

This talk was given by Noam Almog at Scalapeño 2018