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Idris for (im)practical Scala programmers by Marcin Rzeźnicki

Lambda Days2  1

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Lambda Days takes place every year and has an array of amazing speakers such as Senior Software Engineer Marcin Rzeźnicki. Marcin gave a talk on 'Idris for (im)practical Scala programmers' at Lambda Days 2018 in Poland so if you missed it catch up here and don't forget to sign up for 2019.

Idris for (im)practical Scala programmers

I will show how value-dependent types known from Idris can be used in Scala development by explaining how to express idiomatic Idris code in Scala. Audience will not only be able to learn a bit of the former language and its unique approach to type-safety, but also those with some Scala experience will see that VDT can be to a great extent simulated in the latter. Ultimately, I will try to elaborate on the question of if and how various forms of dependent typing are useful for a contemporary programmer.