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Functional interpreters and you by Dave Gurnell

Scala Days 2018 Twitter

We are loving recapping on all the Scala Days talks. We were so proud to be sponsors of both Scala Days Berlin and New York and we can't wait for next year! Catch up on this talk from Dave Gurnell on Functional interpreters and you. Enjoy watching!


Functional interpreters and you


Phrases like "free monads" and "finally tagless" get thrown around in the Scala community like they're going out of fashion. But what do they mean and why are they so popular? In this talk we will discuss "interpreters", an essential functional programming pattern that underpins these terms. We will show how any problem in functional programming can be described using the interpreter pattern, and how modelling things this way naturally gives rise to abstractions like the free monad and encodings like finally tagless.


This talk was given by Dave Gurnell at Scala Days 2018.