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FS2 Internals: Performance by Michael Pilquist at Scale by the Bay

Pexels Photo 201072

Image credit Scale by the Bay

We are so excited to be off to Scale by the Bay in San Francisco this November! With so many amazing speakers it will be another great conference. To get you ready we have decided to have a look back at Scale by the Bay 2017 so check out this talk by Michael Pilquist on FS2 Internals: Performance.

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FS2 Internals: Performance

Functional Streams for Scala 0.10 was recently released, featuring a streamlined API, major performance improvements, and first-class Cats integration. In this talk, we’ll explore the techniques used to make FS2 0.10 fast, including a unified stream algebra and partial evaluation via staged computation.

Michael Pilquist

Michael Pilquist is the author of Scodec, a suite of open source Scala libraries for working with binary data, and Simulacrum, a library that simplifies working with type classes. He is the maintainer of Functional Streams for Scala (FS2) and is a committer on a number of other projects in the Scala ecosystem, including Cats and Cats Effect. Michael is a software architect at Comcast where he is responsible for the design and development of control systems that manage tens of millions of cable system devices, including set-top boxes and head-end equipment.