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Videos from Scala in the City at Shazam

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Thank you again to everyone who came along to our seventh Scala in the City at Shazam on Tuesday 21st August. It was a great opportunity to see the exciting projects that Shazam are working on, as well as hearing from our speakers Matt Roberts and Joan Goyeau, your talks were amazing guys! We really appreciate all your support and we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Our next event is on Thursday 20th of September, hosted by Babylon Health, we hope you can make it. Stay posted for more information on

The videos from each talk are now here so catch up below!

We are working hard to create an event everyone can enjoy and hopefully learn something new at, your feedback is very important to us.

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A quick overview of Scala in the City at Shazam

Thanks to Rowan Marshall @rowanajmarshall, Joan Goyeau @JoanG38 and Tamer Abdulradi @tabdulradi for your feedback and taking the time to talk to us!

Matt Roberts (@mattroberts297) - Implementing the Saga Pattern with Akka

I will demonstrate how to implement the saga pattern with akka-cluster, akka-cluster-sharding and akka-persistence. The saga pattern lets you implement business requirements that would normally be implemented with SQL-like transactions using a combination of application code that embraces eventual consistency and a No-SQL database of your choosing instead. This allows us to write services that respond in effectively constant time with low latencies at web-scale (i.e. performance does not degrade with the number of users). It does, however, require additional application logic to implement. Fortunately, some of that logic has already been written by the Akka team for us in akka-cluster, akka-cluster-sharding and akka-persistence. If you haven’t used these parts of Akka before then don’t worry - I will assume zero-knowledge of these libraries!

Joan Goyeau (@JoanG38) - Functional DevOps with Scala and Kubernetes

As a functional backend developer I've always been surprised by how DevOps stayed away of all the functional programming paradigm. Clearly the backend is leading in that domain and we've seen successful attempt to bring it in the frontend with Scala.JS, so why not DevOps? Using Scala to do Functional DevOps is now possible with Orkestra, an Open Source Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment server as a library running on Kubernetes. It leverages Kubernetes concepts such as Jobs or Secrets, and configuration as code in Scala to take the most of compile time type safety and compatibility with Scala or Java libraries. So in short: it lets you do Functional DevOps with Scala.

Thank you to Shazam for hosting and to Matt Roberts and Joan Goyeau for speaking. If you are interested in talking at any of our events, hosting an event or if you would like to chat please get in touch on 02038650621 or email us on​