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Videos from Scala in the City #6

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Thank you to everyone who attended the sixth Scala in the city, the videos of the talks are here. Myself and the team really appreciate the effort you all made to attend, even in the warm weather it was an amazing event. It’s great to see so many new faces in the community. We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and of course the great talks from both Jon Pretty and Stefano Bonetti.

Our next event is on Tuesday the 21st of August and we are thrilled to announce it will be hosted by Shazam. We will hear from Matt Roberts on Implementing the Saga Pattern with Akka and Joan Goyeau on Functional DevOps with Scala and Kubernetes. Sign up now to reserve your space.

Thank you to Schibsted for hosting and a massive thank you to our two speakers Jon Pretty and Stefano Bonetti.

A quick overview of Scala in the City @ Schibsted

Jon Pretty - Rage Against the Ecosystem
Scala's open-source ecosystem is broken: writing and maintaining build configurations is too difficult, and publishing is even harder, coming with the additional friction of having to support an increasing multiplicity of binary targets. But worse, this workflow puts a burden on a few key people in the Scala community to publish their libraries quickly so that their downstream users can publish theirs, and it can take months for some projects to be published. How is it that the multi-billion-dollar Scala software industry is so dependent on so few people?

Jon will introduce Fury, a fast, source-based dependency manager and build tool for Scala which aspires to radically disrupt the ecosystem for the better. Fury defines builds as static data, not code, making viewing them instantaneous and understanding them easy. Fury facilitates a new, distributed, version-controlled and trust-based ecosystem where publishing is as simple as tagging a signed commit and telling users about it. Builds can be external to projects, so there's no need to impose Fury upon any existing developers who are happy using sbt.

The utopia we are striving for is a new, fluid and versatile ecosystem in which developers are liberated to publish more easily and frequently, and where it becomes easier for anyone to make contributions to open-source projects.

Stefano Bonetti - Monitoring Akka Streams

Ok, you got your Akka Streams pipeline finally deployed to production. But how are you monitoring it? When productionising Reactive Streams, the same backpressure that preserves the safety of your pipeline can get in the way of effectively monitoring its status. In this talk we’ll present a line of action to get a pulse on your Akka Streams app, to better understand its throughput and bottlenecks.

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the videos. If you are interested in talking at any of our events, hosting an event or if you would like to chat please get in touch on 02038650621 or email us on