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Scala Sunday Reads: September 2 #Week 1

Pexels Photo 46274

We bring you our first instalment for September 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell & FP learns from around the internet.

Our next meetup has now been announced and we are thrilled that this month it will be hosted at the Babylon Health Offices. We are also really excited that we have two great speakers flying in from around Europe for this event, Thomas Meijers and Pawel Szulc, so we hope you can make it as it's one not to be missed! Sign up here to reserve your space.

Our first read is from Seth Tisue, Senior Software Engineer. The post is called Scala 2.13.0-M5.

Our second read is from Roman Gonzalez, Software Developer. The post is called Fast Haskell coding with cushions

Our third read is from Gabriel Volpe, Software Developer. The post is called Http4s error handling with Cats Meow MTL

Our fourth learn is from Mateusz Kubuszok, Software Developer. The talk is called Speed up things in scalac and sbt.

Our fifth read is from Eric Torreborre, Senior Software Engineer. The post is called (Haskell) modules for the masses. 

Our final learn is from Igor Bobriakov, Data Scientist. The post is called Top 15 Scala Libraries for Data Science in 2018.

If you are craving more, check out last week’s recommended reading material here

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