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Scala Sunday Reads: August 19 #Week 3

Pexels Photo 46274

We bring you our third instalment for August 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell & FP learns from around the internet.


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Our first read is from Arrow blogs. The post is called How to write polymorphic programs. 


Our second read is from Stéphane Derosiaux, Scala and Data Engineer. The post is called Types: Never commit too early - Part 1: The Free Theorems. 


Our third read is from Vladimir Ciobanu, Software Development Lead. The post is called My Haskell Journey. 


Our fourth read is from Li Haoyi, Software Engineer. The post is called Cask: a Scala HTTP micro-framework. 


Our fifth learn is from Adam Bell, Senior Scala Engineer. This talk is called 001 – Scala Native with Denys Shabalin.


Our final read is from Gabriele Petronella, Entrepreneur and Software Engineer. The post is called Monad Transformers for the working programmer. 


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