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Klarna Tech Talks: Compose your program flow with Stream by Fabio Labella

Pexels Photo 206660

Have you been to any of the Klarna Tech Talks in Stockholm? They have some amazing speakers and talks to be heard such as this one from Fabio Labella on Compose your program flow with Stream. Watch it here if you missed it!


'This talk will introduce fs2, a Scala purely functional streaming IO library. Beyond the fancy words, we will look at fs2.Stream, a powerful abstraction that gives us a familiar List-like interface with the added power to embed arbitrary IO into it. We fill first show how we can easily create processing pipelines that run in constant memory, and then briefly touch on using Stream as a very general model for declarative control flow.​'

This talk was given by Fabio Labella at Klarna Tech Talks March 2018.