Thinking less with Scala by Daniel Sivan at Scalapeno


We have another great talk for you from Scalapeno 2018, this time from Daniel Sivan on Thinking less Scala. In this talk Daniel teaches how to start exploring the world of Functional Programming using code examples. Happy learning!



'After 10 years of Object Orientated Java, 2 years of Functional Programming in Scala was enough to convince me that I could never switch back. But why? The answer is simple: Functional Scala lets you think less. It reduces the number of moving parts you need to hold in your head, lets you stay focussed and saves your mental stack from overflowing. 

In this talk I'll show you how to stop treating Scala as a better Java and start exploring the world of Functional Programming. I'll use code examples to demonstrate a four step path that'll let you ease yourself into the world of Functional Programming while continuing to deliver production quality code. With each step we'll learn a new technique, and understand how it leaves you with less to think about: Hopefully this talk will convince you that Functional Scala leads to code that's easier to hold in your head, and leave you excited about learning a new paradigm.'


This talk was given by Daniel Sivan at Scalapeno 2018.