Scala Days New York 2018 Twitter

State of the Scala 2 Union by Adriaan Moors at Scala Days New York

Scala Days New York 2018 Twitter

Here is another great talk from Scala Days New York, this one is from Adriaan Moors on 'State of the Scala 2 Union'. Are you missing Scala Days as much as us?


'Get the latest on Scala 2.13, 2.14 and beyond! 

After the massive rework of the collections in 2.13,we're turning our attention to language simplification in the 2.14 release, and the language takes another step towards Scala 3.0. For 2.14, we're working on removing some of the sharper edges of the language, such as: 

  • Package object (top-level definitions instead) 
  • Trait parameters instead of early initializers 
  • Simpler extension methods (implicit classes extending AnyVal are hard to get right) 
  • Opaque types 
  • A more narrow implicit scope 
  • Finally, on to 3.0!'



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