Principled error handling by Luka Jacobowitz at Scalapeno 2018


Image credit Scalapeno 2018

We hope you're enjoying your weekend! Here is another great talk from Scalapeno 2018. This talk is from Luka Jacobowitz on Principled error handling where he looks at different new abstractions that encode error handling into the type system. 

'Error handling is a tricky part of every developer's life. 

We've come a long way from exceptions and try-catch, but in certain situations, we're still barely scratching the surface. 

In this talk we'll see how abstractions like standard MonadError in Scala and Haskell aren't enough to handle errors in a principled matter.

Instead, we will look at different new abstractions that encode error handling into the type system to give us certain guarantees, like signaling that no errors can occur after having handled all previous errors. 

This comes in handy, especially when dealing with effectful computations that might fail. Come see this talk to find out what principled error handling can do for you.'

This talk was given by Luka Jacobowitz at Scalapeno 2018