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Why should we get kids coding?

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We all know that the initiative to get kids coding is important, not only for their future but it’s a great way to introduce them to the skill of problem solving and teaching them to work together. It helps develop their skills and allows them to be creative and have fun whilst learning. There are many ways of familiarising children to the concept of coding from coding camps to at home resources and now even some schools have included it into their curriculum. At Signify we are very passionate about being behind this initiative and know many reasons why this is an important skill for children to begin coding.


Problem solving

At a young age and even as an adult it can be easy to find a problem frustrating and give up however teaching children to code engages them in learning to solve problems. It encourages them to try different methods until they find a solution to the problem. This in turn will help them further with school across many subjects. It is also important to learn from mistakes, through coding if a mistake is made they are able to go back and correct it learning what went wrong and how to avoid it next time.


It’s an international language

People are coding throughout the world no matter their first language and coding is a language which stays consistent from country to country. Allowing children to code opens their opportunities to many international ones which they may not have had before and promotes them to not allow obstacles such as language barriers get in the way.



 We know that children should be encouraged to take part in team work which coding clubs and classes provide a great opportunity for this, it allows them to work together to find a solution to a coding concept. Once we begin our careers majority of us will have to work in teams and introducing that idea at an early age means they will be more prepared going into a working environment.

There is a lot more to learn

When coding they will start to explore new ideas and may come across things that the certain programme they are using does not allow them to do. Therefore, when coding there is many different avenues and resources which can be used and doing so will support them to develop new ideas and inspiration

If you are looking for ideas on how to get your children coding check out a few resources here.