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What to Leave Implicit by Martin Odersky at Scala Days Chicago 2017

Pexels Photo 1036657

Are you heading along to Scala Days New York? Signify are proud to be Gold sponsors and are excited to be there! Today is the first day and with an exciting keynote from Martin Odersky and Adriaan Moors to look forward to, it will be a great conference. 

Whilst you are waiting for it all to begin check out the opening keynote from last years Scala Days Chicago by Martin Odersky on 'What to Leave Implicit'

'To understand a piece of program text one must also understand the con-text in which the program is to be executed. Modern programming languages offer an array of constructs to define context. In Scala, those constructs can be summed up as the three I's: Imports, Inheritance, and Implicits. Implicits in particular are a central, but also controversial part of the language. This talk explores the different facets of implicits in Scala, as they exist now and as they might evolve in the future. It highlights their potential benefits and problems, covering aspects of design, implementation, and ergonomics.' 

This talk was presented by Martin Odersky at Scala Days Chicago 2017

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