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Thank you from Scala in the City #5

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Thank you to everyone who attended the fifth Scala in the city last night, myself and the team really appreciate you guys giving up your evening to hear our talks, we hope you enjoyed the event. We are working hard to create an event everyone can enjoy and ultimately learn at, your feedback is also very important to us.

Our next event is on Thursday 27th of July, hosted by Elsevier, our speakers are Jon Pretty, Anna Bladzich and Stefano Bonetti, we hope you can make it.

Thank you to Brighttalk for hosting, and a massive thank you to our two speakers, Luka Jacobowitz and Leszek Sliwko you guys rocked. We will be sharing the videos of the talks in the next few days so watch this space. In the meantime below are the slides-

Leszek Sliwko- Slides for Scala on 40-core HPC machine

Luka Jacobowitz- Slides for Oh, all the things you'll traverse

Signify specialise in placing Functional Engineers into new roles, we have Scala roles across 17 Countries, check out our website if you are considering a new contract or permanent role we may be able to help. Thank you from everyone at Signify/Scala in the City

Organisers- @Signify_Tech Follow us- @Scalainthecity