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Scala Days Berlin 2018 Round-up

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For those who attended we hope you enjoyed Scala Days Berlin and if you unfortunately missed it then don't worry as we have all of the slides here for you from each of the talks. There was a great variety of speakers from Noel Welsh and Daniela Sfregola to Martin Odersky who all gave amazing talks. So to catch up on them all check out the slides below.

Gjeta Gjyshinca and James Belsey on 'Write the code you want to write'.

Olivier Blanvillain on 'Applications of Implicit Function Types'.

Jorge Vicente Cantero and Martin Duhem on 'Meet bloop and get more productive with Scala'

Duncan DeVore on 'The Promise of Event Driven Programming with Fast Data...'.

Jean Helou on 'A Birds eye view of the Scala ecosystem'.

Boris Lublinsky on 'Kafka Microservices with Kafka plus Akka and Kafka Streams'.

Boris Lublinsky on 'Expressive Kafka Streams API for Scala Developers'

Guillaume Martres on 'Integrating IDEs with Dotty, the experimental Scala compiler'

Alexandru Nedelcu on 'A Tale of Two Monix Streams'.

Vladimir Pavkin on 'Leveraging Spire for complex time allocation logic'.

Alexander Podkhalyuzin on 'Lessons to Scala Native from Kotlin/Native'.

Christian Raimann and Christina Stamm on 'Scala at Audi: Optimization of assembly lines'.

Nadav Samet on 'Unshaped Protos: Beyond Code Generation for Protocol Buffers'.

Nepomuk Seiler on 'sbt-native-packager - package all the things'.

Daniela Sfregola on 'A pragmatic introduction to Category Theory'.

Seth Tisue on 'You are a Scala contributor'.

Christian Uhl on 'Serialization Protocols with Scala'.

Alessandro Vermeulen on 'Building Resilient and Secure APIs with Finagle'.

Jan Ypma on 'Building a reactive multi-user document editor in ScalaJS'.

To view these slides use the username: Scala_Slides and password: Scala2018

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