2016 05 03 Flatmap Oslo

Regaining Control with State Monad and Friends by Felix Mulder at flatMap Oslo 2018

2016 05 03 Flatmap Oslo

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Did you attend flatMap Oslo back in May? Since there was so many great talks we wanted to have a catch up on them all and thought we would share them with you! Here is one from Software Developer, Felix Mulder on 'Regaining Control with State Monad and Friends'. Let us know what you thought about the conference. 

'A state transition can be modeled as a simple function: type State[S, A] = S ⇒ (S, A) In this talk we’ll see how indexed monads like the State Monad are built around this simple concept. From side-effect free state modification to Finite State Machines. The State Monad is immensely useful and actually - as will be shown throughout this talk, definitely, not scary at all. We’ll get comfortable with the state monad from the Cats library, and learn how we can write functional APIs that describe state transition on the type level using indexed monads.'

This talk was given by Felix Mulder at flatMap Oslo May 2018.